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Still No Cleavage Re:Bent
they say the upside of fat girls is that they often have huge breasts.  well, that's not untrue with the REALLY fat girls, it's just sometimes they still can't quite get their obese tits to create that sexy canyon.  When you get this big, everything just wants to go everywhere....except where she wants it to 

another remake :D  like my art?  support me on patreon to see stuff early
When You Wake Up (image + story)

(Like my art?  Support me on patreon )

It had come to Prill’s attention this week that her close friend was crushing on her pretty hard. She wasn’t sure how long she’d felt that way, but it became obvious a few days ago, when she pointed out that she had gained some weight to Abra. Abra kept telling her the little bit of extra pudge actually made her look much sexier, and continued to bring up Prill’s looks several times since. 

 Prill stewed over this. She’d never really thought about if she was gay or bi, but she always did appreciate attractive women. But was Abra her type? She was short, skinny, and pretty loud-mouthed, but those same traits certainly made her fun. In her dreams she saw Abra, or at least someone very similar to her, really up close. They were embracing, so she couldn’t really see the person's face, but their short hair, dark skin, and small frame convinced Prill she was sure it was Abra. She felt the girl’s skinny fingers grab her torso, and while she was normally ticklish when awake, here it felt pretty pleasant. She noticed that the thin fingers sank farther into her flesh than her slight pudge would allow, but she didn't have time to dwell on it as the girl moved on to groping Prill’s breasts. They’d never been this sensitive before, he skin was alight with pleasant sensation. 

Prill was dreaming, but it wasn’t quite a lucid dream; her mind wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t, both in the conscious and the subconscious. She just was floating in a cocoon with this lovely creature who was wrapping her short, skinny limbs around her body. Prill loved the sensation of the girl's hands running along her soft skin, rubbing and then gently spreading her legs apart without resistance. It took longer than Prill expected for her legs to actually come apart completely, the thicker, meatier thighs touching together until her legs were spread wide. The sensation was heavenly, moreso than Prill ever remembered, and she guessed in her dreamlike state that having bigger thighs meant there was more to be pleasured. 

She started to feel more hands on her skin, and focused long enough to see a second, identical girl kissing her belly. She was confused, but the dream didn’t let her dwell on it long, as she became occupied noticing how they were actually managing to bury their small hands wrist-deep between the various doughy rolls her belly made. The sensual groping made her clit start to harden and her pussy ache, and that’s when she saw a 3rd girl walk up to them, stopping right up beteen Prill’s spread obese, wobbling thighs. 

“You do have a type," The third Abra-looking phantasm said. "Well, so do I.”

She looked at the first two girls, and they simultaneously grabbed hold of and lifted up Prill’s belly, which was fatter and fatter every time she noticed it. They lifted it up towards her face, exposing her FUPA and pressing her breasts into her chin. Abra number 3 smirked devilishly, and with her open palm smacked the FUPA, which was already bloated enough to count as a second obese gut. The impact set her to wobbling, and all of Prill’s fattened girly parts started shaking and colliding in a strangely pleasurable way. Her skin stung from the callous slap, but her pussy felt amazing, the continuous juggling nd wobbling like her body was masturbating itself without her consent, fueled by the dream-Abras' cruel instruction.

Prill’s fat body continued to swell, looking more and more like an over-inflated, over-sexed version of her former self. Two more Abrass came along, Prill couldn’t see them, but knew it was her as she felt more and more hands handling her now shamefully-obese body. Yet somehow Prill didn’t mind it right then, she just wanted the hands to touch her more. She wanted Abra to touch her, not just slap her pussy into orgasm, but really touch her. 

She felt a warm body lie down between her flabby legs, and press their hot breath up close to her blobby pussy mound. She hoped it was Abra, not that she saw much difference between her and the doppelgangers. Her thighs started getting a deep tissue massage by 5 or 6 hands, as well as her fat breasts, her nipples, her flabby back, and even her chubby feet. And when everything on her felt perfectly relaxed, she felt soft lips embrace her huge, fat-buried pussy. She felt the warm, wet heat of Abra's mouth, and her clit hardened so quickly she thought it would explode, and then…

It was day time.
 Prill was awake.
 What... had been happening?
 “Fuck!!” She thought. “I was about to get some really good oral. UGH, now I have blue ovaries.” Prill decided to just finish herself off now; she was too horny to not get that orgasm. 

That’s when Prill noticed something odd. She had tried to roll on her side, and it wasn’t working. It was like she was packed into her blankets or something. She decided to just masturbate in this position, until she realized she couldn’t bend her arm far enough to reach it. She leaned forward to close the distance, but instead of a nice, warm, wet place between her legs, her hand just found fat rolls.

“Wait.. what?” Prill rubbed her eyes, and then looked to see her hands had soft, fat fingers. She looked down, and saw that she was in fact as fat as she had been in her dreams. Morphasia must have affected her in her sleep, looking down she was greeted with an eyeful of her own flab. She managed to sit up, and grabbed a handful of her flabby upper arm. It jiggled like it was inflated with jello. 

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Damnit… I knew it, I told Abra that gaining that weight worried me… and she liked the weight. She went on and on….” Prill picked up the phone, she had to get Abra over here. If she liked fat women as much as she claimed, then maybe she could help her finish what the dream started. She was hornier than she had ever been in her life, her pussy actually felt like it was going to break or something if it didn’t get to cum soon. Abra used to tell her stories about how new immobile morphasians often have spontaneous orgasms when they gained weight, but Prill wasn’t that lucky. Her pleasure centers were stuck, leaving her just on the edge of orgasm without any means to push her over the edge. It was maddening, Prill couldn’t reach her pussy anymore due to her new obesity, and she was going to go insane if she didn’t cum soon. She just hoped Abra was as into fat girls as she seemed as she phone rang in her ear. The ringing ceased as someone picked up, and Abra's sleepy voice came through the line.

“Hey Prill, what’s going on this early? Need help getting out of bed? She joked.
 More like getting off in bed, the hyper-obese woman thought, licking her lips as she steeled herself to ask a good friend to come over and screw her brains out.

editing was done by the talented :iconthesoylentorange:…
story and art by me :D 

Hey, just letting people know that I am still working on the new comic Sword Fatter, but it's goin to take a few more weeks to finish, so for this month I am currently putting together an image pack.  It's theme is video game girls, and they are all drawn in pen, which I have't done much of in years.  But I've been wanting to get back into using inks for comics, and I figured this would be a good way to warm up.  I'll post some previews tomorrow 
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Hmmmm, what to say here.... I go by K-R. I'm a 34 year old nerdy woman, who still plays her old NES games and loves to draw other girls with extreme proportions. Why? I dunno why. But it's FUN. So, maybe that's why. Oh yeah, and it's sexy. heh... Do I imagine myself like the girls I draw? eh, sometimes, but not too often at all. Do I really have wacky red hair "that's dyed" and insane green eyes? Yes. Yes I do. I had art on here once back in 2005, but I quickly took it down a few months later after a friend found out. Well, I've since come clean about my art to most of my friends, so I don't care anymore. Most of my old art "which is ALOT" will not be re-posted on DA, as it's old and not very good. But it's still online on a super secret site "thats not so secret." Anywhos, I dunno what else to say here. Keep it crazy!

Please check out my other DA. It's not all about fatty girls, but I think you'll like what you see regardless! :iconkeirarara:

Oh yeah, I'm a lesbian. Deal with it! ^_~ LOVE!


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