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Piara's Purchase - Ch 1 by BedBendersInc Piara's Purchase - Ch 1 by BedBendersInc
A BBI OC Commission for :iconmetamorphaxx:
Character Maggie Kim created by me
OC Piara created by :iconmetamorphaxx:

part 1 "your on it" part 2
Chapter 1 of 6

It was night in the city, but in this part of town it was hard to see the stars. A woman was in her car heading for her destination. She sat far from the steering wheel, letting the car drive itself. It was far safer and she honestly questioned why people would ever use manual drive on the highways. It was easier this way for her because her breasts overflowed her lap and went past her knees. Their combined mass was almost larger than their owner, a very thin woman in her late 30’s. She did have child bearing hips and a rather fat spare tire around her mid-section that she could thankfully hide between her breasts and her hair that came to her knees. As the car drove itself she simply laid back to get a bit of shut eye from a long day at the office. But her work was not over yet.

She was on her way to see her last client of the evening. A girl named Piara, who had a bizarre proposition for her. She was not sure if it was true, but the girl was well known for her family’s wealth; a family that had recently passed due to an unfortunate accident, leaving the young girl alone to their fortune. She was uncertain if this was an elaborate prank from a girl with too much time on her hands, but she couldn’t turn it down. While the car continued on auto pilot, she ran her hands over her vast cleavage, enjoying the sensations of her breasts wobbling due to the cars vibrations.

Half an hour later her car arrived at its destination. She got out of her car, feeling her breasts slap her knees as she walked past the gates. The grand doors opened as she walked in. Massive mounds of flesh were the first thing to enter, wobbling under custom made clothing, followed by their owner. Her name was Dr. Maggie Kim, head researcher of Bio Brand Industries, and a co-founder of the city that was rich with technology.

Each footstep was precise, well trained. Though she had been carrying around breasts the size of bean bag chairs for many years, people still did not understand how she could carry them. Never mind the fact that she was bird boned, even a strong woman would have trouble carrying those udders around. But somehow Maggie continued to carry them wherever she went, not even a single sign of a strain in her expression.

She walked past the massive entrance of the mansion into a much larger room that could only be described as the heart of the building. It had white marble walls, massive pillars leading to ceiling 2 stories tall, red carpeted floors and plenty of guests. They were exclusively female, and they came in all shapes and sizes. Some thin posh models, some plump and well-dressed minx’s. Many were rather lost in their own worlds. Most were buzzed on wine or whatever expensive drinks were being passed around. The heir of the home may have been a party girl, but she couldn’t be described as one without taste.

Maggie’s heeled steps did not go unnoticed however. Most of the girls she walked past stopped their talking to gawk and her massive mammaries jiggling madly as she passed. Dr. Maggie Kim was rather well known beyond just her proportions, but that did not stop them from being a complete shock every time they came across new eyes. This was a pleasant feeling for Maggie. She would never advertise it as she loved to keep most of her thoughts to herself, but she did love the feeling of young female eyes on her body. She could usually tell which stares were looks of desire or envy.

Finally Maggie saw who she was here to talk to. And young girl with natural green hair who was so thin her thighs didn’t even meet. She had modest breasts however. Piara was her name, and she was talking to a lovely blonde with child bearing hips and the beginning of a round belly. Maggie stopped a few yards away, her breasts shaking and slapping together from the sudden halt. Whispers filled the room; most in awe of her ability to not only carry them around, but to stop on a dime, almost as if she controlled their physics.

Maggie could over hear some of the girls talking.

“I thought she needed a wheel chair...”, “Heard she was big even before the expansion...”, “I would give up walking to have a pair like hers...”, “Doesn’t she have trouble reaching…”

Due to all the whispers and stares Piara finally noticed her guest, though her silhouette would have made her notice eventually.

She looked at Maggie and smiled. She leaned over to her blonde friend “Excuse me love, I have business I have to give my attention to. We’ll finish this later tonight yes?” The blonde looked at her with hungry almost needy eyes and nodded as Piara walked gracefully over to Maggie. She clearly had a lot pride in her strut.

“I was worried you wouldn’t be able to make it tonight Dr. Kim. Can I call you Maggie?” And before Maggie could say a word the girl was walking around Maggie’s protruding front to her side in order to take her hand. She lifted the dainty hand and placed her lips to it.

“What a pleasure to have the world renowned artist Maggie Kim in my home. What is your drink Maggie? I’ll have someone prepare it for you.”

Maggie’s expression didn’t change much, but didn’t look as icy as when she first walked in the doors.

“A vodka martini would be nice. And why do you call me an artist?” Maggie asked as Piara snapped her fingers to grab the attention of a woman in a male cut waiter’s outfit who was sporting a very short bob cut.

“This lovely woman needs a vodka martini if you would be so kind dear.” She looked back to Maggie. “Because what you do inspires me, as you well know Maggie. Isn’t that what art is all about? Or is it perhaps defeating the purpose of art when you try to speculate its purpose?”

“And what is it that I do that inspires you? And exactly what have you been inspired to do?” Maggie’s tone was almost doubtfully sarcastic while staying humble.

“Perhaps you have been too close to your own work in order to appreciate it. You have given form to those who have become too large to control their lives. It is truly elegant how well you can take a woman who becomes bloated to the size of furniture, a woman who has become disheveled, and mess sinking into herself. A sweaty mound unable to even care for her own basic needs, unable to fix her hair or apply her makeup and you fix them up. You clean them, cloth them with machines designed to target their measurements, their weight. All those numbers come together to form something that looks nothing like the blob you first came across. Like, you are given a ball of clay to work with. But this clay can thank you after words.”

Maggie considered this. “I do what I can to help. Math and science do the leg work.”

“As do fork lifts and cranes do the leg work to create sky scrapers, but I don’t hold math responsible for those creations. It is a mind like yours Maggie that makes these things real.”

“Regardless I see it as more necessity than art. But I appreciate your approval. So, what HAS my art inspired you to do Ms. Piara?”

“Nothing yet, but that is why you are here my friend. And I believe you know why.”

“Honestly I had my thoughts this was a joke. I still hold reservations.”

“Expected from someone as intelligent as yourself. Yes, my tastes have always been different; I accepted that I was not like other girls when I was much younger. But regardless of having accepted myself, that does not delude me to the fact that my desires are… not conventional, and probably hard for others to understand. That being said, did you bring the information I requested?”

“I did. But I believe we should discuss this matter somewhere less crowded. The epidemic may not scare you Ms. Piara, but I’m sure your guests aren’t as keen on what it is capable of.”

Piara smiled and made a broad gesture with her arms. “Agreed, let us take this 2 man show to my study.” The waitress returned with a tray with two drinks on it, Maggie’s and a glass of red wine. She clearly knew her mistress well enough to be prepared.

“Thank you Dawny, please watch over the guests while I have a private meeting with Dr. Kim.”

Dawny nodded and simply replied “ma’am.”

Maggie followed Piara towards a set of ivory stares in the corner of the massive room. Maggie’s breasts slapped heavily against her thin knees as she walked up the stairs, it was for this reason she always preferred elevators. The stairs led up to a large hallway that spread out in 3 directions. Maggie’s breasts didn’t even have time to stop wobbling before Piara began to quickly strut in the direction of her study. Finally at the end of the hallway was a large double. Piara pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked the doors, and held her arm out towards the dimly lit room. “After you”

Maggie shot her a very brief hint of a smile and walked in. The room was very nice. It was clearly her personal bar, a cozy nook that rested within this monster of a house. It had lovely furniture, an expensive rug and even a good collection of art hanging on the wall. This was not just a study, this was a room you bring someone that you want to fuck.

Maggie did find Piara attractive, however she was here on business so she would not allow her signals to be mistaken for sexual passes unless she decided it would not be a problem for her work.

Piara sat down on a couch opposite of Maggie, a sleek coffee table between them. Maggie sat down as well. She was not a very tall woman, so when she sat down and sank into the couch she was not surprised when she felt the familiar sensation of her breasts mashing her nipples into the rug. The toes of her high heels still visible between her massive clothed breasts made Maggie almost look comically fat. She could see that look in Piara’s eyes again. Lust or envy, perhaps both she couldn’t really tell.

Maggie pulled an envelope from her bag and tossed it on the coffee table. Piara leaned over to grab it without taking her eyes off of Maggie. Then she looked at the contents inside. She spread out several photos on the table. In each picture was the same woman. The thing that made her stand out the most was the fact that she was so obese, that she could easily over flow a twin sized bed.

“This is her alright. I remember the feeling I had when I saw the images on the VastNet. She really is remarkable isn’t she?”

Maggie’s sexual preference was no secret to anyone who knew her name; however it was a select few that knew her darker desires. Inside, she agreed with Piara, but as someone who didn’t like to let everyone know the cards she held, she simply said “She might have a different vocabulary for her physical state than you do.”

“Hmmmm, let me guess. A land whale? A sea cow? Or does she go by that nick name that sprung from what people call your company, a Bed Bender?” Piara smiled at Maggie, not in a wicked way, so much as a teasing manor.

“I don’t know who coined the name, but I try not to use it around my patients. And I ask that you do the same if you ever meet one of them.”

“Do I seem like the kind of girl who would be so tactless? They aren’t allergic to flattery are they?”

“Not everyone enjoys to be hit on for what they would consider a deformity Ms. Piara.”

Piara laughed. “Oh my! Deformity? What does that word even mean? In your field I’m sure you see that as a term with loose merit.”

Maggie looked up and shrugged a bit “There are some defiant cases that it would apply to.”

“Do you see yourself as deformed Maggie?” Piara stood up laying the picture she held on the table. She walked over to Maggie and stood directly in front of her. “Are these something that would fall into that category?” Maggie felt Piara’s booted toe softly nudge the fat end of her tear drop shaped breast. It felt good, but Maggie simply looked at her without letting the noise of pleasure escape her mouth.

“If you have ever thought of yourself as a lucky woman, can you imagine what others might feel who cannot share your experience?” Piara’s foot left the massive breast and she lifted her shirt just enough to show her flat stomach. “I’ve been tested by several of your clinics. I cannot gain an ounce on my own, and from what they can tell, I am practically immune to this ‘epidemic’. To some of us it feels like we’re a little girl being told we will never grow up.”

Maggie sighed. “Look, I know that we all have different tastes, and it’s clear where yours lay. But I am not certain you fully understand what these women go through and what they would give to have your immunity.”

Piara seemed almost turned on at this as she bit her lip “….tell me what it is I don’t understand.”

“For starters obesity isn’t a walk in the park. You have trouble with cloths, with getting around, with fitting in theatre seats. If you ended up like that woman in the photos you would have the concern of mobility itself.”

Piara was at the bar now, her back to Maggie. She touched herself covertly. “What else?”

Maggie stood up, as she felt another person’s worth of weight drag on her chest as her massive tear drops shook like pendulums. “You cannot do anything for yourself. You cannot cook, you cannot cloth yourself, and hell you can’t even play with yourself. You really want this for yourself? You really want to wake up one day so fat, so massively obese that you cannot move under your own strength. Your flesh will spill out yards around you trapping you in a small pool of your own adipose. You will require someone to take care of your every need. What I’m trying to learn is why a pretty rich girl like you wants to be a blob. And I’m trying to convince myself that you understand that if this works, there is no going back. That’s the entire reason we want to sample your blood, because currently there is NO CURE. If you go through with this and become an immobile mound like that woman, then you will never walk into a crowded party while wearing the highest fashion again.”

“Mmmmm….I know…” She turned around to see Maggie a yard away from her. She walked over to her, and looked down at her massive tear drops under her blue sweater. The turtle neck didn’t allow her to see a single inch the wondrous breasts. She reached down and caressed the upper sides of them. “What was it like when this happened? Can you tell me you aren’t happy?”

Maggie let out a sigh; she hadn’t had her breasts played with in months due to work. “I don’t wonder if you would be happy carrying around breasts like mine. My ass never became so massive that it touched the floor when I was standing. Yours will.” And with that Piara reached under Maggie’s breasts and found where the fabric flowed up the underside of her breasts to connect with her torso. She pulled at the silky fabric until it could finally be lifted up, exposing what seemed like a mile of creamy cleavage. Under her sweater Maggie had her own custom built industrial bra that had more clamps than Piara cared to count.

Piara leaned down and got on her knees, face to face with the largest breasts to ever be in her private chambers. She felt their weight and even experimentally swayed them back and forth. Maggie’s head was swimming with pleasure, imagining what the young girl’s lips would feel like wrapped around her fat nipples. But Maggie knew that her strength had its limits, and as good as she had become at carrying her weight, she wouldn’t be able to hold her posture if her bra was unhooked.

Piara began to touch the snaps on the bra, and she felt Maggie’s fingers slowly push her hands away.

“Sorry dear, but you’re the one paying to be immobilized by your own weight.”

Piara smiled. She leaned forward and licked Maggie’s cleavage all the way up to her chest and stopped where her shirt was still around her neck. Maggie’s eyes were wide at the sensation, Piara now standing face to face with her. “And are you paying to stay mobile or do you really carrying these tits on your own? What’s your secret Maggie?”

“There is no secret. But if you’re envious of my endowments don’t worry, you will have your own to play with soon enough. Though I’m not sure how much enjoyment you will get from them when you can barely bend your arms.”

“I will have my enjoyment Maggie, and you will get your research. Just remember to thoroughly examine me. Remember to leave nothing unaccounted for. Maybe my body will hold secrets for you that you didn’t expect.”

Maggie put her hand to Piara’s cheek and rubbed it with her thumb. Such soft skin... “Maybe it will hold secrets you didn’t expect as well. I guess we will both find out. But if all of this is truly what you want then please sign the papers. I will leave them with you to think over. You may always back out until we inject you. Once that happens, we can’t fully prepare you for the results, and there is no going back unless a cure is found.”

Piara walked over to the table where the photos and documents lay, and quickly pulled out a pen to sign. It was obvious she wasn’t going to give this anymore thought. She felt a shiver run up her spine when she handed the papers to Maggie. It was really going to happen.

Maggie read over the signature and put everything back into the folder. She kept the photo of the obese young woman and handed it to Piara. “Here, you can hang on to this. Now I really must get back to my flat, I have a lot of preparations to make. Not to mention you are not my only patient.”

“Too bad you can’t stay the night. You haven’t even seen the bed room yet.”

Maggie began to wobble out of the room as she spoke up “I will be your primary physician, I will get to see it eventually. Please attend to your guests, I can see myself out. Have a lovely evening.”

Piara closed her eyes and remembered the taste of her skin. “And you as well.”
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I have got to say BedBendersInc it was not so much the image which is interesting. But your prose and diction in the background story is quite astounding! The minimalist style of writing, i.e. leaving out any details such as clothing and only giving sparse glimpses at the scenery was quite well thought out and meshed well with the setting of wealth, which is very often entwined with the minimalist asthetique.

The theme of your work BedBendersInc is decidedly difficult to write about in a manner that will both intrigue and boggle someone yet at the same time make their mind beg to come back for more. But this is the real beauty of what you have crafted in your words. It is a tale, possibly a novella, that superbly combines intrigue and bewilderment to such a perfect balance that one cannot help but feel that they are hovering above Piara and Maggie observing the titilating conversation unfold.

I laud you on everything save your structure, which would benefit from indented paragraphs. In regards to the character's spoken words they should be seperated from the paragraphs on a seperate line, and since I understand you had limited space here to write and this was not possible I think you did remarkably well in placing Maggie and Piara's words in the appropriate locations that would allow the reader to keep reading through with a consistant fluidity.

Well done BedBendersInc, you have incredible talent with words and I sincerely hope you continue writing.
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