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An Updated Mattress
another update experiment, I'm not sure if I added as much as I did with hoody, but I am pretty happy with the colors. Leave a comment and check out the OLD version,

Mature Content

Bosom for a Mattress by BedBendersInc
 yeah I ain't scared of yous, go check it out  
SSBBW Micaela by BedBendersInc
SSBBW Micaela
Art by myself
art edit: I added some slightly darker outlines, and deepened the color of Micaela to make her pop more.  Maybe that wasn't what the poor fatty needed :)  
Story written by :iconpureivel:

Micaela Watson trudged into work as she did every morning.  Its not that she didn’t like her job.  She loved being a high school gym teacher, loved competitive sports, loved seeing everyone so active.  Its just it was sometimes it made her feel a bit like a hypocrite.  Micaela had developed morphasia during her last year of college; her entire body swelling, her bottom widening and her belly drooping so low that running was never something she’d be able to do naturally again, and as often has been the case; she who couldn’t do - taught.

It wasn’t all bad she had to admit.  No more morning jogs, no more constant cross country running training, no worry that she might not have been good enough to make money as an athlete, fate had come in and taken those worries out of her hands, but a small part of her still felt a bit like a cow when she told the girls basketball team to hustle.

Micaela began her first class for the day, organizing the girls into teams for volleyball.  As she watched them leaping up and down sending the ball back and forth Micaela couldn’t but help be glad that she didn’t have to wear anything like the schools mandated gym uniform.  A tight navy swimsuit with a sheer white top and shorts, ugh, she’d just die.  Though Micaela’s own wardrobe of a ludicrously large baggy jogging suit was embarrassing in its own way.

Suddenly her reverie was broken when Caroline tripped trying to hit the ball.  Micaela tried to run towards her, her whole body gyrating with her attempt, but the other girls had gotten to her and helped her up before Micaela could get close.  Micaela shouted “Caroline, you okay?”  When she suddenly took off running sobbing as she did.

“Hey, what happened?”

A short blonde named Steph ran up to Micaela. “I think Bobbi said something to Caroline as she was getting up, something about her weight.  I didn’t hear it though.”

Micaela muttered a curse under her breath.  “Everyone do laps for a minute.”  Micaela waddled off after Caroline, her red track pants rubbing together making a sound as she tried to move quickly.

Caroline wasn’t a morphasian, she was just a fat girl, and she was un-coordinated, and wore glasses, AND she had braces.  Normally Micaela didn’t feel that bad for her, not really, she could get in shape if she wanted to and she was pretty girl otherwise, but Bobbi was a holy terror, she had everything and she still got in all the other girls faces.  “Little bitch.” Micaela thought to herself.

Micaela squeezed her oversized block of a body into the narrow door of the girls’ bathroom, and found Caroline crying in the last stall.

“Hey Caroline.” there was an awkward pause as the teen continued to sob.  “Come on, it’s not that bad.”  More sobbing.  “You want to go see the councilor.”

Caroline walked out of the stall her face all red, rubbing her eyes.  “I-I’ll come back to class.”  Micaela smiled at her.  “Buck up kiddo, I mean compared to me you’re a knock out.”

Caroline’s face turned mean “At least you can hide it though.  They don’t make you parade your flab in front of everyone.”  Micaela was a bit struck; she could see her point though.  The school made the girls wear leg bearing skirts as their normal uniforms, and the gym clothes were particularly unfortunate for Caroline really highlighting the doughiness of her legs, and with the weight she gained this year Caroline’s belly was always peeking out from under her shirt  “Bobbi calls me Carol the Barrel…fucking hate her…”  

“It’ll okay, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of.  I know they all call me Miss Waddleson behind my back, but I don’t let little so and so’s like Bobbi get me down.  Be proud of who you are Caroline.”

Caroline’s face turned red with rage again.  “Nothing to be ashamed of, big talk from you, you obviously hate your body!  I’m going to the councilor!”

Micaela stood their unable to say anything in response.

That evening Micaela was throwing one back at the bar when someone put their hands over her eyes.

“Heya Micaela.”

Micaela calmed down as she heard the voice.  Behind was Bianca Perry, an old teacher of hers from college, and one of the only women Micaela knew whose bottom was larger than her own.

“Hard day mining for young minds sweetie?” the red headed teacher said in her ever flirty tone.

“Just had all my worst fears thrown in my face in a way I didn’t expect.”

“I’m sorry, what happened?”

“Well I was trying to comfort this student who’d been made fun of for her weight, and she basically pointed out that I hide my weight from everybody, and I just felt like such a phony ass.”

“I don’t’ even like this girl, she’s not a morphasian, she just is lazy and eats like a pig, but I couldn’t say shit to her.”

Bianca looked thoughtful as she drained a mug of beer.

“I’ve known you since you became a morphasian, and I always felt you had adjusted kinda fast.  I mean, I know you are okay with being a morphasian, but maybe you aren’t really okay with your weight.”


“Honey, I don’t think you’ve really accepted your body.  You’re proud of yourself as a morphasian, but you use it as a crutch for not having to love your body.”

Micaela stared at her a little bitterly.

“Hey, it’s just something to consider Micaela. You aren’t gonna help that girl by telling her how she can change though.”  She hugged Micaela and put down some money for her drink.  “I’ll get out of your hair, but you try and have a nice night.”

Micaela had a second drink, not really enough to even make her tipsy given her mass, but it did get her brain percolating a bit.

The weekend passed, and when Monday came around Micaela came to school early.  She didn’t trudge, she walked with some purpose, and when she got to the gym and got ready for her first class, she was ready to really face the day.

The first student to walk in was Bobbi, and Micaela grimaced a little when she burst out laughing.  She stifled it as the other girls walked in and began to stare at Micaela.

She had on one of the girls gym outfits.  The swimsuit clung to her like a second skin, allowing everyone a good view of exactly how large and hanging her belly was.  The top showed off just how fat her arms were and gave everyone a great view of her rolls of back fat, and the shorts…hadn’t ended up fitting, so only the swimsuit was covering her giant bouncing ass, and covering was a word that barely applied.

She looked at Caroline and smiled, the girl smiled back.

“Someone pointed out to me that the outfits you girls have to wear in here are perhaps a bit unfair to people with bodies like mine.  I agree, but I can’t do much about it other than join you in solidarity.  So once you girls get done taking all this in, you can start doing stretches.”

Micaela felt happy, Caroline was quite a bit more enthusiastic, Bobbi was keeping her mouth shut, and for the first time in a while Micaela didn’t feel fake. And the day got better.

Right before class ended a boy came through the gym door.  “Hey can I talk to Bobbi for a min--uhh.” It was Roy Hamm, the schools alpha male and Bobbi’s boyfriend, he walked in just as Micaela had started to bend to do her own stretches, and when he saw her he just began to stammer.  Micaela began to turn towards him, a little aghast at her state of undress, and then she laved eyes on the largest boner she’d ever seen in her life.

Micaela waddled up to the teen that was almost a head taller than her, got almost close enough to touch him with her belly looked into his eyes and asked “Do you have any hard pressing business for Bobbi Mr. Hamm, because you should really talk to a teacher before interrupting her class.”

Roy put his hands in front of his pants and ran out of the gym without saying a word, and Micaela laughed.
Hey everyone, how was your halloween? :icontheamericandream: and I just stayed and watched anime. For those who haven't seen it my new image pack is out, Spooky Sized BBW, 

Mature Content

Spooky SIzed BBWs by BedBendersInc
 I'm prrrreeety happy with how this came out, I have to admit,

and for those of you who already got it, thank you for the support. The reception has been pretty good, which makes me happy because this pack took me alot longer than expected, and with that can come more stress.

BUT, thats good for you guys in a way, because I was unable to put every spooky lady I wanted to in the pack, so I have left overs. I want to draw some of these girls, but there were ALOT that made the list, and most of them I didn't even start on. But thats where YOU guys come in. I'm making a poll with 9 girls I had intended to draw, and an open slot for voting for ANY spooky female character in fiction you want, and I will draw the top few winners and post them for free.… - poll… - image pack

I hope everyone had a good hallows eve, and I will try to finally get some free work done. Also what image pack them would you like to see "for those who buy them of course" I want to try and give me not just the weird specific stuff I like to let loose on the world, but also the kind of art that can hit home with a large audience. Leave comments below, pick up a copy of SS BBWs if ya haven't and vote for a spooky lass.

till next time :) Keira
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Hmmmm, what to say here.... I go by K-R. I'm a 30 year old nerdy girl, who still plays her old NES games and loves to draw other girls with extreme proportions. Why? I dunno why. But it's FUN. So, maybe that's why. Oh yeah, and it's sexy. heh... Do I imagine myself like the girls I draw? eh, sometimes, but not too often at all. Do I really have wacky red hair "that's dyed" and insane green eyes? Yes. Yes I do. I had art on here once back in 2005, but I quickly took it down a few months later after a friend found out. Well, I've since come clean about my art to most of my friends, so I don't care anymore. Most of my old art "which is ALOT" will not be re-posted on DA, as it's old and not very good. But it's still online on a super secret site "thats not so secret." Anywhos, I dunno what else to say here. Keep it crazy!

Please check out my other DA. It's not all about fatty girls, but I think you'll like what you see regardless! :iconkeirarara:

Oh yeah, I'm a lesbian. Deal with it! ^_~ LOVE!

For my next image pack, I plan on doing a sketch pack of Overwatch girls do would you rather.... 

101 deviants said or would you rather it include Overwatch, along with other women from Blizzard franchises in general
51 deviants said just a pack of overwatch girls sketches for a cheaper price


Rockman classic stamp by Cthulhu432 Mega Man II Stamp by NES--still-the-best 9th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp Sheepman Stamp by Gamafort Megaman X Stamp by LinkMasterXP :thumb92712040:
.: Sonic Cd Stamp :. by Mystix-Candy Metal Sonic Stamp by Gunmetal2005 girl gamers stamp by thechaosproject Super Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku Brawl Stamp 34 by Frobie-Mangaka Prime Transforming G1 Stamp by googlememan Mass Effect Stamp: Tali by Karithina Mass Effect Stamp: N7 by Cokomon final fantasy 7 stamp by Makt91 Final Fantasy XIII Stamp by JackdawStamps Light-san Stamp by o0Hikari0o Sonic Colors Stamp by laprasking RvB Caboose Stamp by Tyrie2001 .:Nom nom Toothless:. by OxAmy
PB x Marceline stamp by MagdaMilo Fionna Stamp by Candy-Swirl


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